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      Question: Which of these is a surfing move?
      Answer: A left slide is a movement on a wave to the left relative to the shore. This is difficult, in surfing, since most waves are to the right.
      Question: Which of these is a gymnastics pose?
      Answer: In gymnastics, the lever is a position in a hang from the rings in which the body is parallel to the floor and straight.
      Question: Which of these is a volleyball foul?
      Answer: Lifting is a foul that follows a player’s letting the ball rest on his or her hands, even for a fraction of a second.
      Question: Who invented basketball?
      Answer: James Naismith, a teacher at a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts, is credited with inventing basketball in 1891.
      Question: In what context might one see a matador?
      Answer: The matador is the central human figure in a bullfight. Bullfighting was once popular in Spain and other Hispanic nations, but is less popular today.
      Question: In what city were the Asian Games first held?
      Answer: The first Asian Games competition was held in Delhi, India, in 1951. The city also hosted the games of 1982.
      Question: In what game would one find a googly?
      Answer: A googly is a kind of delivery featured in the game of cricket.
      Question: In the United States, what sport is known as "the national pastime?"
      Answer: Baseball, a nine-player game involving throwing and hitting a ball, is one of the most popular professional sports in the United States.
      Question: Which of these is found on a fencer?
      Answer: In fencing, the line of attack is a portion of the torso that the opponent seeks to strike.
      Pitcher releases pitch, heading towards batter (baseball, sports, catcher, umpire).

      An Encyclopedia of Sports

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